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Colchester Physio was started to provide patients in Colchester with high quality physiotherapy and sports injury treatment. Colchester Physio understand that bodies can become out of balance, or tune, for a variety of reasons; poor posture, pain, injury, disease or as a result of an accident. Colchester Physio has physiotherapists that are able to address the underlying problems that are causing your imbalance. Colchester Physio take the time to get to know the individual properly. For Colchester Physio, this means getting to know our clients well. During an assessment your physiotherapist will spend time taking time over your medical history and onset of injury to understand how you have been affected by your injury or condition.

Through a detailed assessment the physiotherapist will gain a complete and comprehensive history. This enables the physiotherapist to can get to the cause of the problem. The physiotherapist is able to unravel layers to find what compensations our bodies have build up over time.

Colchester Physio have vast experience treating patients that have patterns of posture that are inefficient; whether it is due to a condition, injury or pain. Colchester Physio aim to correct your alignment through the spine and joints and posture re-education. This will allow you to achieve a freer and more normal movement. Colchester Physio may prescribe a specific exercise and treatment program we want to help the muscles of your body to support an aligned posture effectively. Colchester Physio’s collaborative approach, where the client and the physiotherapist work in partnership to reach the goal of pain-free, produces early return to full movement and function of our patients.

Colchester Physiotherapy provide home visits if the client's condition requires this. As part of our holistic approach, Colchester Physio physiotherapist often accompany patients to the gym to assess posture and technique during a training session. Colchester Physio can also assess your work environment to assess the impact that is having on your body.

Colchester Physio’s philosophy is to embrace the benefits of the medical model in the understanding how the body works. This allows us to respond to problems in a holistic and rounded way. Colchester Physiotherapy believes in teaching people to understand their own body's language, this empowers them to respond appropriately, to optimise their health.

Colchester Physio use traditional diagnostic tests to assess your injured body part while bearing in mind the impact of pain and injury has on all aspect of your life. Our physiotherapists will look at how you are coping in everyday activites, eating habits, sleeping, exercise sessions. We will then determine how you feel your coping skills enable you to adapt to what life challenges you with. Through this empowering process you will gain a greater understanding of how your own body works. Through skilled, hands on physiotherapy treatment and a specific rehabilitation program, you will begin the journey back to recovery.


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